Monday, December 5, 2011


Coneaphobia, a fear of traffic cones. I was plagued with this as a child, as my childhood nightmares apparently told me. When I was a child, between the ages of about 5 to 7, I had recurring nightmares about traffic cones! Ha ha ha. It is quite laughable now, but it terrified me at such a young age. In my dream, we would be driving in the car and we would approach a row of traffic cones. As we drove by the dozens of traffic cones, I would unbuckle my seatbelt and sit down on the floor and try to keep out of view from the window. I was always trying to hide because all the traffic cones would come to life. They all had hideous pointy teeth and little beady baboon-like eyes! And due to the cones being made of rubber, they could bounce very high. I remember looking up form the window and seeing the cones bouncing up and down about 6 feet in the air! I never knew if they ever saw me, but man, it was creepy! I am pleased to report I no longer have this phobia.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

dogs and snow

What is it with dogs and snow? My dog went nuts the last time it snowed just a little on the deck. She went around rubbing her nose on the snow like she does on the carpet. She propels herself forward with her back legs and doesn't even use her front feet. The whole side of her face must get so cold out there, but not as cold as her legs must get when the snow is deep enough for her to prance in.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Water. The giver of life, so bland and boring, yet so important. Everything that breaths needs it to sustain a long healthy life. It's why the Egyptions called the Nile the giver of life, as the water overflowed each year nurishing the crops for another season. It can cool one down in summer and be great fun to play in, but due to the bland and extremely boring taste, I only like to drink it with Ice, cold just tastes better. As one who hates the taste, I decided to research dehydration and realized how important it is to drink water. As of tonight, I am getting into the habit of drinking more water, and less pop. It must have some kind of nutritional value, or living things wouldn't depend on it so much. Also, our bodies are about 70 percent water, it's interesting I'm just really realizing this now. In the next few days, I plan to add a short story to my blog. So stay tuned.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

short story

The Creature With Magic

The rainbow colored unicorn swam gracefully in the beautiful blue lake. A halo hovered near the tip of his horn. His name was Rain and the green ring held special magic that the he did not yet know about. Snow started to fall, so he swam to the lush grassy shore. Rain was the only unicorn with a halo-like ring around his horn. How it got there and what it was for was a mystery. Rain tried to ignore the fact that he was different, but he just couldn’t.
Suddenly, the snow turned to ash. The water in the lake turned to lava. It was clear to Rain that this was the work of a great sorcerer. A huge mob of wolf-like creatures with boar’s tusks came running towards him, ready to attack at any moment. Rain noticed his horn suddenly felt a lot heavier and black ink started squirting out of it like window washer fluid, and his enemies ran away, blinded by the ink! The lake became murky and the lava disappeared. Rain touched his horn to the water to wash away the ink, and the water turned crystal clear! A bright green circular object in the water caught Rain’s eye. It was stuck on a rock near the side of the lake.
Curiosity got the better of Rain, so he jumped in and swam to the object and touched it with the tip of his horn. A section of the rock fell away to reveal a cave. Carved into the wall of the cave were inscribed the words: WELCOME TO WATERDOOM CAVE. The walls of Waterdoom Cave were lined with holes. Each hole had a ring shaped “button” circling it. Rain’s halo started vigorously pulsing and glowing with light and energy. He stuck his horn into the nearest hole, and as soon as the halo touched the button, a door opened. Rain couldn’t believe his eyes. He had just discovered the purpose of his halo. It was a key! He ventured into the room, and found that it was stocked full of chocolate bars and other tasty treats that he loved so much.
He found the next room to be quite impressive. It was a lush pasture for the unicorns to peacefully graze. It was a perfect place to use as a safe haven if a storm were to blow in suddenly. This cave was like a portal to
other worlds! The sun was shining brightly and a mother and her foal were together near the back of the pasture. The mother invited Rain to graze with them, so he joined her and the foal.
When Rain finally left the pasture, he took the mother and her foal with him. The third room contained a group of puppies and kittens. Rain and his new friend, Ginger, decided to take the responsibility of caring for the animals- some way or another. One of the puppies, an adorable black and tan pug, jumped up on the foal, Copper, and they became friends instantly.
The fourth portal lead to a tropical island with the most beautiful color blue water. They swam to the island together. The pug had to sit on Copper’s back because he kept getting water up his nose when he tried to swim. As the unicorns approached the island, they noticed that there was music playing softly from somewhere toward the center of the jungle and it made Copper and the pug fall asleep immediately. Rain and Ginger got to know a little bit about each other before they too, fell asleep to the sound of beautiful music.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

re- kindled friendship

I re- kindled a friendship with an old high school friend. We met up at the London Drugs and I treated her to a burger for lunch. We then went to the mall where she looked at earrings and i got a new green hoodie that I can wear in Ireland when mom and I go in may.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Dog Jaqui

My dog absolutely loves chocolate. Shortly before christmas, she snuck into my parents' room, found a wrapped box of mint chocolates, tore the wrapping off, chewed up the cardboard box, tore the plastic cover off the chocolate, and proceded to eat all the chocolate out of one of the compartments! She is such a little sneaky twit! Besides chocolate, she loves to bark at nothing. in the middle of the night. It was New Years and she woke me up barking at 3 in the morning, and then again at 5. And when she barks, it can start sounding normal, and then it sounds like her voice cracked, and it goes high pitched. I remember another time she started howling with the ball in her mouth, which muffled the sound greatly. She can be very annoying sometimes, but I suppose she makes a good watch dog.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birch Bay Poem

I roll down the window,
And the salty smell of seaweed wafts into the car.
I look at the dog, a white ball of fur, whom seems to be smiling.
I also smile, feeling more at home here, than I sometimes do at home.
This amazing place, so close to nature
Has such a strong connection with me, it feels like my birthplace.
I remember my great grandma bought our lot
At Birch Bay, so when I’m down here, I think of her.